Frequently asked questions

Take a look at the questions we get asked most.

1 - How do I join Ministry of Dance?

To join MOD please contact us via WhatsApp on 07526 305328 or email us on and we will get back to you as soon as possible, you can also use the contact forms on our website.

We can suggest an appropriate class for you and answer any questions you may have.

2 - What will happen when I arrive at the studio for class?

As soon as you arrive, you will be greeted by either the teacher of the class or one of the principles Lisa/Kirsty.  You will be given information about the class and given a form to fill in.

3 - What should I wear for class?

For new students we suggest a T-Shirt with leggings or joggers.  Trainers would be best for most classes unless you are taking lyrical in which case you will participate bare foot.

4 - How do I pay for classes?

Classes will be payable in advance and by the term.  Termly invoices will be sent out to all pupils, and we offer the payment of these monthly.

MOD offer 4 free sessions before you would be required to sign up.

5 - Can parents stay and watch the class?

We do encourage parents to leave their children and return at the end of the class to collect – we feel this helps students become more independent.  However, for the first class or two we will allow parents to stay.

Parents are also permitted and encouraged to stay at the 6 and under class.

6 - Are the staff DBS and First Aid trained?

All staff at MOD are DBS checked and there will always be at least one fully first aid trained person on site.

7 - Do classes run through the school holidays?

Classes will run through half term holidays and for a proportion of other school holidays.  This will be explained to you upon enrolling.

8 - We are going on holiday mid term, can we have a credit/refund?

This will need to be discussed with the principals to be approved

9 - My child would like to do more classes is this possible?

Yes, please speak to your dance teacher or Lisa/Kirsty who will be able to help you with this

10 - Does Ministry of Dance have insurance?

Yes, MOD is full insured, a copy of the certificate is available upon request.